ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 announced
System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 There will be support for new platforms like: Windows 8 Windows 8 tablet – Intel SoC tablets support Mac OS X [...]
ACT 5.6 Tweaks
During the analysis phase of a windows 7 x64 migration I have been using the MAP, ACT and OMPM tools. After handing over all the lists on the application [...]
SCCM SUP sync failed 6703
Today I have been searching to get the SUP role running in SCCM ’07 R3.  doublechecking ports and proxy settings did not advance me much. the thing [...]
End of Support!
I hope the title didn’t scare you too hard… anyway, I wanted to remind you that in the coming weeks Microsoft will cease to support some client [...]
Retirement time for Windows XP!
I want to draw your attention to this creative approach Microsoft Belux has launched in order to throw a retirement party for our beloved friend, Windows [...]
Desktop Virtualization Hour-event
Today at 5 PM a webinar about Desktop Virtualization is scheduled on apparantly a lot of rumors exist about the [...]
In the case I’m not the last one in the world to know this site, provides useful info and tips & tricks about packaging common [...]
Windows 8
err… no it’s not a typo ! it’s not a bird, it’s not an aeroplane: it’s Windows 8 ! Even though Windows 7 has just been born, [...]
Official Preferred Windows 7 partner!
Last week we got some good news from Microsoft. I am proud that we are registered as an official preferred Windows 7 partner. As a team we were rewarded [...]
Managing the dynamic desktop? Windows 7 deployment
Windows 7 is the NEW Desktop Operating System around. Recently we hosted an event about “Managing the Dynamic Desktop”. This seminar not only [...]