Intune: Disallow Windows 10 devices from unenrollment
With Intune and OMA-URI settings, you can disallow Windows 10 devices to unenroll from Intune.Here follows a description on how to do it. Navigate to [...]
SCCM client installation errors
Just a post to collect several client installation errors I encountered and how to fix them.   error: Silverlight.exe returned failure exit code 1612 [...]
Skype for Business Recording Mgr Error on startup.
I deployed a Windows 8.1 update x64 machine with Office 365 and the office 2016 apps. The following error message appeared when starting Skype for Business [...]
‘Microsoft.Policies.WindowsStore’ is already defined when updating ADMX Central Store for Windows 10 1511
after updating my gpo templates to Windows 10 1511, I received the following error message: Microsoft has a KB regarding this issue. But it is a problem [...]
Office Deployment Tool 2016 updated
I used to have an issue with installing Office 365 offline. The installation failed, when mentioning a branch in the xml file. You can find a threat from [...]
SCCM 2012: Use the same external ethernet adapter for multiple OSD of devices.
I read a few blogs regarding this issue. Especially this one explains the problem very well and gives 3 good solutions: [...]
SCCM 2012: Software Updates fail with error code 0x80070543: Cannot open an anonymous level security token.
A few days ago, I stumbled upon a weird error when software updates were trying to install on our Windows 8.1 systems. We push them to clients, using SCCM [...]
SCCM: Install drivers for specific hardware during OSD.
I had a customer where some PC models were equipped with a matrox graphical card. During OSD, the tasksequence needs to check if the card is available, and [...]
Error during Task Sequence: 2148077575
It’s been a while since my last post, not that I have been sitting in a quiet corner… I want to share an experience I got last week with the [...]
Windows 8 network drive mappings
I recently installed Windows 8 on my business laptop and discovered I had problems connecting to certain networkdrives. The solution was adding the [...]