SCCM 2012

HELP – I have the infamous error 80091007 during a task sequence!
In my previous post on the error 2148077575, I already mentioned that my top 1 most feared error in SCCM is the 80091007. I decided to list all causes that [...]
Sms writer service does not exist or is not running
Last week I noticed that the SMS_Site_backup component was marked with the red error icon, so I examined what could be wrong. the description of the [...]
Dynamically join Computer to AD OU during OSD with SCCM
Recently I kept getting the same question over and over: Is it possible to dynamically join a new computer to an AD OU during OSD with SCCM? Well, it sure [...]
SQL message 15401 severity 16
The last Sccm 2012 implementation I did, I noticed this error in the hierarchy manager: there is a kb related to this: [...]
The case of the (sys)Native
While preparing for an OS migration to windows 7 with SCCM 2012, we were using a package in the tasksequence to do some finetuning of the OS. as the OS was [...]
Install all available software updates (sccm 2012)
The other day I got a demand to prepare server software updates in sccm 2012. instead of installing the patches automatically like we already set up for [...]
SCCM 2012 admin console setup fails
While giving a sccm 2012 workshop, we had the issue that the adminconsole was not there after installing our primary site (and yes the option was selected [...]
SCCM Client Center 2012 Alpha
Most of you SCCM 2007 admins will already know the 3rd party Client Center tool for daily management of sccm clients. as it seems they released a first [...]
ConfigMgr 2012 forum
Hi, Got this info from Ronni Pedersen’s blog ( The System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Forums are now live… Wanna be [...]
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 RC1 is available
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 RC1 (build 7678) is available for download! [...]