Office 2010

Desktop optimisation windows 7 and office 2010 – notes from the field
Recently we hosted an event about “Desktop optimisation – efficient windows 7 and office 2010 deployment – notes from the field”. [...]
App-V: Failed to install Office 2010 patches during Active Update
Once in a while you need to patch Office 2010 sequences with the latest security fixes from Microsoft. I needed to patch a package which contained Excel [...]
Office 2010 config.xml syntax issue
I needed to change the config.xml for an Office (OneNote) 2010 deployment. After changing the config file I tested the silent installation but the [...]
SP1 for Office 2010 stuck in downloading state
As a number of machines in our environment did not have the SP1 for office 2010 yet, I included it in my Configmanager sw deployment package. But shortly [...]
Integrate SP1 into Office 2010 network installation point
In addition to the Office 2010 Deployment-post, here is how to integrate (slipstream) Service Pack 1 into the Office 2010 network installation point. [...]
Office 2010 Standard AND Access 2010 on the same machine with Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V
We needed to have Access 2010 delivered through App-V on the same computers where Office 2010 Standard was published to. Office 2010 needs the Office 2010 [...]
Office 2010 Deployment
Many company’s choose to deploy Microsoft Office 2010 with the Windows 7 rollout, including mine. I will describe in short our Office 2010 deployment [...]
Office 2010 KMS and Visio 2010
Last week I installed an Office 2010 KMS server. I had to install it on top of an existing Windows 7 KMS server. So I downloaded the Office 2010 KMS host [...]
Office 2010 RTM !
Late last week, the Office engineering team announced that Office 2010 RTM has been released. As it seems, the public beta was already downloaded by 7.5 [...]