How to use different settings per Task Sequence with MDT 2012
To use different settings for Task Sequence “A” and “B” you could use a SQL database, but in some environments that’s not possible, so the only way is to [...]
Task Sequences not showing after MDT 2012 b2 upgrade
The deployment wizard was not showing any Task Sequences after an upgrade from MDT 2010 U1 to MDT 2012 beta2. Of course I updated my Deployment Share after [...]
Windows ThinPC unattend error with MDT 2010
I was deploying Windows ThinPC using MDT with a customer, and received this error: Windows could not parse or process unattend answer file [...]
Desktop optimisation windows 7 and office 2010 – notes from the field
Recently we hosted an event about “Desktop optimisation – efficient windows 7 and office 2010 deployment – notes from the field”. [...]
Dive into Desktop Deployment this summer
Microsoft gave the TechNet newsletters a holiday feeling with four different topics in a bite-size format. One of the topics of this summer edition is [...]
Add Internet Explorer 9 to MDT 2010
There are several ways to deploy Internet Explorer 9 to client computers. Of course, you can install IE9 while building your reference image, but that’s so [...]
WAIK for Windows 7 SP1 released
The Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) for Windows 7 SP1 is available for download since yesterday. The WAIK contains tools like ImageX, [...]
USMT 4.0 Update: Hotfix for Office 2010 support and fixing some issues
Microsoft released an update for User State Migration Tool 4.0 (USMT). The main focus is Office 2010 support. Read more about this info on Michael’s blog.
MDT 2010 reboots just before selecting task sequence
I was with a customer today for a MDT 2010 installation, and struggled with a very annoying issue. Just before the task sequence had to be selected and [...]
Windows 7 Lite Touch installation with MDT 2010 – Part 4
In previous parts of this guide we’ve setup MDT 2010 and have it configured. Now it’s time to add WSUS integration to automatically install the latest [...]