Your PC needs to be repaired / PXE is broken
ok, I’m back. this time with an issue that came up right after the upgrade of SCCM CB to 1606 (but only on one DP and only in one environment (up to [...]
No advertisements found/there are no task sequences available
this is probably in the TOP 5 of OSD issues around there (no matter which version of SCCM you are using) I have assembled the following causes, if you have [...]
adventures with SCCM CB: part 2
ok, continuing from part 1 (https://the-d-spot.org2016/07/26/adventures-with-sccm-cb-part-1/ ) part 2: ad group discovery and known computers can cause pxe [...]
Import custom Windows 10 menu: Icons missing!
If you want to create a custom start menu in Windows 10 using Powershell, you might have noticed that some shortcuts you created on the reference pc are [...]
SCCM 2012: Use the same external ethernet adapter for multiple OSD of devices.
I read a few blogs regarding this issue. Especially this one explains the problem very well and gives 3 good solutions: [...]
App-V 5 Sequencing Recipe – ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Admin Console
Sequencing the SCCM Admin Console is always a hassle. Prerequisites like .Net Framework and VC++ redists need to be in place. Sometimes other Microsoft [...]
SCCM: Install drivers for specific hardware during OSD.
I had a customer where some PC models were equipped with a matrox graphical card. During OSD, the tasksequence needs to check if the card is available, and [...]
App-V 5 and Office 2013 import: Database error when importing into the AppV Mgmt Server
After creating an Office 2013 package, generated with the current Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run (ODT) version (24/02/2014), the import in the [...]
SCCM 2012 R2: Deploy Console Hotfix kb2905002 as an application
If you are not able, or don’t want to use SCUP as a solution to install the console hotfix, you could make an application of the hotfix instead. With [...]
The case of the (sys)Native
While preparing for an OS migration to windows 7 with SCCM 2012, we were using a package in the tasksequence to do some finetuning of the OS. as the OS was [...]