SCCM client installation errors

March 8, 2017 - Uncategorized

Just a post to collect several client installation errors I encountered and how to fix them.


error: Silverlight.exe returned failure exit code 1612

This might happen when there are some remains of silverlight left in the registry, even when silverlight is not mentioned in “Programs and Features”.





Delete the silverlight key in HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\installer\products

Next, retry to client installation. It should work now.


error: Setup was unable to compile the file smsClient.mof

Solution: This error is mostly solved after reboot. Probably, the computer or server has a reboot pending.


Error: Setup was unable to compile Sql CE script file C:\Windows\CCM\StateMessageStore.sqlce.


Delete registrykey hklm\Software\Microsoft\CCMSetup

Rename c:\windows\ccm naar ccm_old



Error: Unable to start service “CCMSETUP” on machine xxx, error = 1053

Solution: check on the target client if the Background Intelligent Transfer Service is running. If not, put in on automatic.