Your PC needs to be repaired / PXE is broken

August 16, 2016 - ConfigMgr/SCCM, Deployment

ok, I’m back. this time with an issue that came up right after the upgrade of SCCM CB to 1606 (but only on one DP and only in one environment (up to now)):


don’t know really why specifically it failed on that one DP as they all ran server 2012 R2 already and they were all operating well in 1602 (although previously upgraded from a SCCM 2012 DP)

The issue is that we see in the SMSPXE.LOG of the affected DP nothing but ================= PXE Provider shutdown. =====================   SMSPXE        9/08/2016 13:17:48  360 (0x0168) as a last entry AND the content of the remoteinstall folder is not all there like it is supposed to be.

So, bottomline: PXE is broke (thank god we still have bootmedia, so not directly a problem) !

Underneath the steps it took us to solve the issue, some of those have solved similar issues with WDS/PXE in the past for me. So for your reference, all the steps are listed (sharing is caring, right?)


1) reinitialize WDS (wdsutil /uninitialize-server & wdsutil /Initialize-server /REMINST:”d:\remoteinstall”

2) from the SCCM console, remove PXE from the DP / watch removal progress in distmgr.log / reboot the DP / re-enable PXE on the DP (still the content in remoteinstall is missing)

3) copy missing content in remoteinstall folder from another working DP & start wdsserver ( hey the files are gone again … )

4) stop wdsserver service / rename wdsserver hive in registry / retry step 2 = same result

5) uninstall sccm client from the DP

6) deactivate Symantec on the DP (don’t shoot me, personally I hate having antivirus running on any SCCM server)

7) create a new bootimage

8) register smspxe.dll via regsvr32 /I [Drive]\SMS_DP$\sms\bin\smspxe.dll

9) stop wdsserver service, copy missing .exe and . dll in the sms_dp$\sms\bin of the affected DP and start wdsserver service again : Yes, we have a winner!