AppV5 Publishing Sync Error Code 070000000B

May 31, 2016 - App-V

After a power outage, a client machine had issues starting the AppV Client Service.

The AppV Client logged this Error:

A virtual application could not be launched from package ” because the App-V Client Service is not running. Start the App-V Client Service and try again.

The AppV Client service was dead as a doornail.

After removing the AppV 5.1 Client, rebooting and installing the AppV 5.1 client again (from the MSI sources) this problem was solved.

But this leads to the next problem; Publishing server sync issues appear! Each AppV server refresh (Sync-AppvPublishingServer) failed with error 070000000B.

Sync-AppvPublishingServer : There were errors encountered when trying to publish packages from the server.

Operation attempted: RefreshPublishingServer.

AppV Error Code: 070000000B.

Some Technet forum visitors have this issue in combination with 3rd party profile management tools, but we aren’t using any profile management solution or folder redirection at all.

My first guess was a faulty package. To hunt this package down, first delete all App-V packages from the client cache, and add them one by one afterwards. But it doesn’t came that far after all.

Powershell commands to client the AppV5 cache:

Get-AppvClientConnectionGroup -all | Remove-AppvClientConnectionGroup

Get-AppvClientPackage -all | Remove-AppvClientPackage

As shown in the screenshot above, removing ALL package fails. I could investigate this further but this wasn’t necessary.

Removing packages only published to my user account DOES work (without the -all parameter):

Get-AppvClientPackage * | Remove-AppvClientPackage

After this a Publishing Server sync works again.


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