AppV5 application shortcut missing comment (description)

November 20, 2014 - App-V

After sequencing “Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7” the description that appears when mouse hovering the shortcut was something not very useful for our users:


An empty shortcut Comment-field was the cause:


A nice “to have” is a proper comment or description for an application shortcut, so we will change this using App-V’s Dynamic Configuration files.

I’m using the UserConfig.xml because this application is targeted to users.

Changing the Dynamic Configuration files

After making a backup of <AppName>_UserConfig.xml, open the XML file with your favorite text editor and find the Shortcuts-tag.

The Description tag was missing from within the Shortcut-tag!

Just add the Description-tag;

        <Description>RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections in a hierarchical manner, allowing for inheritance of user name, password, etc.</Description>


Add the updated XML file with the AppV Mgmt Console, Powershell or some 3party tool (depending on how you deliver AppV apps).

And the shortcut has his description back!


All users happy again wlEmoticon-smile.png