SCCM: Install drivers for specific hardware during OSD.

July 28, 2014 - ConfigMgr/SCCM, Deployment, SCCM 2012, Uncategorized

I had a customer where some PC models were equipped with a matrox graphical card.
During OSD, the tasksequence needs to check if the card is available, and install the corresponding driver.
To do this, you need the hardware ID of the graphical card. Once you have it, you can use the following WMI query: SELECT DeviceID FROM Win32_PnPEntity WHERE DeviceID like “PCI\\VEN_102B&DEV_0540&SUBSYS_2080102B%”
As you can see in the query above, I didn’t use the complete hardware ID. The %-sign is a joker sign, but, if you like, you can use the complete hardware ID instead.

Next, go to your task sequence and add a step: install driver package. On the Options tab, add the WMI query mentioned above. Now, the step will check the computer for the specific hardware ID. If it is not installed, the task sequence will not install the matrox driver. Of course, you can do this for any hardware device. 🙂