App-V 5 and Office 2013 import: Database error when importing into the AppV Mgmt Server

April 11, 2014 - App-V, Deployment, Office 2013

After creating an Office 2013 package, generated with the current Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run (ODT) version (24/02/2014), the import in the App-V Management Server fails.

App-V 5 package import error (Office 2013)

There were problems interacting with the database on the server.  The error was: String or binary data would be truncated.
The statement has been terminated.

Applying the latest hotfix for the management server didn’t fixed this issue.

I created and imported several Office 2013 packages before, but never had this issue. The only difference between them is that this package contains not only Office 2013 ProPlus, but also Project & Visio and four languages. This results in a huge file name and package name.

After opening the package for Update Edit with the AppV Sequencer, and shorten the Package Name the import went fine!


This issue reminds me of an old Softgrid issue :

The Office Deployment Tool should make our life easier. But in the real world it generates packages with names that are to long to import into the Management Server.