App-V 5 Error publish connection groups

January 14, 2014 - App-V

While synchronizing packages from the App-V 5.0 server, I encountered some issues with connection groups.

Sync-AppvPublishingServer : There were errors encountered when trying to publish connection groups from the server.
Operation attempted: RefreshPublishingServer.
AppV Error Code: 070000000F.
Please consult AppV Client Event Log for more details.


Above errors doesn’t say much, but here is an entry from the Event Log:

The connection group {xxx} version {xxx} could not be published because the virtual COM settings of the individual packages conflict. 
Verify that the virtual COM settings are the same for all member packages and try again.
Error code: 0x8E90070A – 0x3000F

OK, now we are getting somewhere!

After verifying the User and Deployment XML’s, there was a clear difference in the virtual COM settings of both packages.

XML files package #1:

<COM Mode=”Isolated”>
        <IntegratedCOMAttributes OutOfProcessEnabled=”true” InProcessEnabled=”false” />

XML files package #2:

      <COM Mode=”Integrated”>
        <IntegratedCOMAttributes OutOfProcessEnabled=”true” InProcessEnabled=”true” />


By editing both XML files to reflect the settings in package #2 it should be resolved .. In my dreams, the error remains.

After changing the following line in both Deployment and User XML files:

<Objects Enabled=”false” />

(was set to “true” in package #1).

After setting the virtual COM settings in both packages the connection group was loaded from the App-V 5.0 server as it should!


Good read about this issue:

Roel Beijnes:

2 thoughts on “App-V 5 Error publish connection groups


Did you set in all the packages?

Ben De Vriese

Yes, in all packages that are a member of the connection group.

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