Task Sequences not showing after MDT 2012 b2 upgrade

January 14, 2012 - MDT, MDT 2012

The deployment wizard was not showing any Task Sequences after an upgrade from MDT 2010 U1 to MDT 2012 beta2.

Of course I updated my Deployment Share after the upgrade. Updating a second time, and completely regenerate the boot images got my attention that I didn’t reimported the boot images into WDS.

After reimporting the new generated boot images with MDT 2012 my Task Sequences showed up and I was able to start deploying again!

So don’t forget to reimport your WinPE boot images after upgrading to MDT 2012!

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2 thoughts on “Task Sequences not showing after MDT 2012 b2 upgrade


Had this same problem after migrating MDT to another server. This solved it. Thanks!

Ben De Vriese

Thanks for the feedback Cody!

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