Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Beta 2 Now Available

November 16, 2011 - MDT 2012

MDT 2012 Beta 2 is available for download on Microsoft Connect.  The most important changes are ConfigMgr 2012 compatibility, improved Lite Touch user experience and a nice and easy upgrade process! Read all about MDT 2012 b2 at the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Team Blog.

If 1Day = 30 hours then

WScript.Echo “Stay tuned at The D-Spot for some posts about the new beta product!”

End If

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Beta 2 Now Available


Hi Ben

My question is how to automatically remove the static IP address(assigned before deployment for the process to take place in not yet MAC registered machines) after deployment?
I could Apply Network properties in the Task Sequence but it might not be best practice when there are 2 or more NICs.


PS: We only have MDT as of now, so SCCM and AD DHCP is not available.


Hi Ben, any idea on how it can be done via a built in MDT Tool?

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