AppV Error: The app manager could not create an application

May 17, 2011 - App-V, MDOP

I just had an issue with an App-V shortcut not picked up by the client. In the SFTLOG.TXT file the following errors exist:

[xx/xx/2011 xx:24:42:784 OMGR ERR] {tid=C10:usr=xxx}

The Application Virtualization Client cannot use the OSD file specified because the GUID attribute for the CODEBASE element changed (rc xxxxxx04-00001004).

[xx/xx/2011 xx:24:42:799 SWAP WRN] {tid=C10:usr=xxx}

Could not load OSD file \\xxx\xxx\xxx.003\xxx.osd

[xx/xx/2011 xx:24:42:799 AMGR INF] {tid=C10:usr=xxx}

The app manager could not create an application from ‘\\xxx\xxx\xxx.003\xxx.osd’ (rc xxxxxx44-00001004).

According to the last log file entries this is a typical issue where the OS VALUE tag in the OSD file is missing. But this wasn’t the case because I cleared all OS VALUE’s from the OSD file.

My second thought was a legacy OSD file floating around the Softgrid cache. But after setting the State key to zero and rebooting the machine the issue still exists. But I kept walking this path, because the first log entry was about GUID attributes that has been changed (04-00001004). But especially because the issue started after performing an Active Upgrade of the sequence.

So I decided to clear all caches using these methods:

Rebooted the machine and BAM, I got my long awaited shortcut!  Probably a previous OSD version was floating around in the AppV User Cache.