MDT 2010 reboots just before selecting task sequence

December 21, 2010 - Deployment, MDT, Windows 7

I was with a customer today for a MDT 2010 installation, and struggled with a very annoying issue.

Just before the task sequence had to be selected and after credential input, the deployment process reboots with no error message whatsoever. And keeps rebooting again and again. The log file couldn’t help me out on this issue.

The only solution I could find with a Google-search was to create a new Deployment Share with the previous MDT 2010 version. This seems no solution to me Smile


I had a typo in the customsettings.ini file:

MDT 2010 Update 1 reboots just before selecting task sequence

If you specified a wrong domain for DomainAdminDomain, you won’t get an error message telling you about the mistake!