Windows 7 Lite Touch installation with MDT 2010 – Part 4

October 12, 2010 - Deployment, MDT, Windows 7

In previous parts of this guide we’ve setup MDT 2010 and have it configured. Now it’s time to add WSUS integration to automatically install the latest patches while deploying Windows 7.

Install WSUS

First download and install WSUS 3.0 x64 version or WSUS 3.0 x86 version (for Server 2003), or add the WSUS server role of you’re on Server 2008:

Add the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

The WSUS installation window is underneath the Server Roles window, use alt-tab or the taskbar to proceed with the installation.


Configure WSUS to your needs:

Configure WSUS

Enable WSUS for Task Sequences

Update each Task Sequence you want updates installed through WSUS. By default ‘Disable this step’ is checked, to enable WSUS for this TS just remove the check:

MDT Task Sequence - Enable Windows Update via WSUS


Update CustomSettings.ini

Add WSUSServer to your CustomSettings.ini:




Depending on your WSUS configuration.

Configuration is done, time to deploy a Win 7 client.

After the image is applied, Windows Update is doing its job using our WSUS server:


Just to make sure, take a look at the Installed Updates on the newly deployed client:


WSUS integration succeeded!

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4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Lite Touch installation with MDT 2010 – Part 4


Hi, i’m deploy a Windows 7 with Wsus integration but when i put a “Pre-Installation Windows Update” and “Pos-Installation Windows Update” task sequence in my Taks the folder c:\Minint\Tools\X86\ with some DLL’s are not removed. Can i help me???


Ben De Vriese

Can you explain your problem further please?


Heey ben,

My deployment currently is looping on the wsus, its stuck on saying its getting the updates.. but it doesnt. What can the problem be?



Eduardo Mozart de Oliveira

Just want to thank you for this post series! MDT is so amazing and customizable!

Did you checked if there is no firewall or proxy in your network blocking WSUS port?

If you have any, try to update IE settings (Most Windows programs use the same proxy settings in IE) to point to your proxy (if any).

Control Panel > Internet Options > Connection tab > Lan Settings.

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