Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 Update 1 released

July 9, 2010 - Deployment, MDT, Server 2008 R2, Windows 7

Microsoft released an update for the company’s free operating system deloyment solution.  If you’re planning to migrate to Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 or Office 2010, MDT is the tool you need.  Here at the D Spot we have blogged a lot about MDT already.  Keep yourself up to date and read our MDT related posts.

What has changed in MDT 2010 Update 1


For native MDT users (Lite Touch Installation)

  • Support for Office 2010. Easily configure Office 2010 installation and deployment settings through the Deployment Workbench and integration with the Office Customization Tool.
  • Improved driver importing. All drivers are inspected during the import process to accurately determine what platforms they really support, avoiding common inaccuracies that can cause deployment issues.


    For ConfigMgr 2007 users (Zero Touch)

  • New User Driven Installation deployment method. An easy-to-use UDI Wizard allows users to initiate and customize an OS deployment on their PCs that’s tailored to their individual needs.
  • Support for Configuration Manager R3 Prestaged Media.For those deploying Windows 7 and Office 2010 along with new PCs, a custom OS image can easily be loaded in the factory and then customized once deployed.


    For all users

  • A smooth and simple upgrade process. Installing MDT 2010 Update 1 will preserve your existing MDT configuration, with simple wizards to upgrade existing deployment shares and Configuration Manager installations.

  • Many small enhancements and bug fixes. Made in direct response to feedback received from customers and partners all around the world, MDT 2010 Update 1 is an indispensible upgrade for those currently using MDT (as well as a great starting point for those just starting).
  • Continued support for older products. MDT 2010 Update 1 still supports deployment of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Office 2007.


    Download binaries and documentation at Microsoft.

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    7 thoughts on “Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 Update 1 released



    We are using mdt2010 in our school environment, but we are having problems with 1 type of computers. These computer use a Asus P5B mobo.

    When booting the client via pxe, the files are loaded and just before we get our login screen, we get the error \Windows\System32\boot\winload.exe is corrupt of missing (status code 0XC000001)

    I’ve loaded the x86 en x64 drivers but these errors keep comming back.

    Do you have any idea how this can be solved?

    Ben De Vriese

    You probably have imported a .wim image, and forgot to import the Setup-files. These files are needed by MDT to run setup.

    Did you imported the Windows 7 DVD (full set of source files)? Or even better, you can import your .wim file again, and select “Copy Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, or later setup files from the specified path”, and point to the Win7 DVD. MDT will copy the Setup files from the DVD and import them into your Deployment Point. You only need to do this once per operating system.

    Have fun in Gent 🙂


    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your reply, we are using a windows xp pro wim for our network.
    The strange thing is that only that type (asus p5b), is having problems booting via pxe boot, we also have Dell machines and older types that are not affected by this problem.

    Could the wim could be the problem?


    @Ben De Vriese
    Hi Ben,

    I’m using a Windows XP Pro (SP3) version, that is also deployed on other machines. (Dell desktops, Dell laptops, older systems).
    They are not affected by this problem, only the Asus P5B is having this problem.

    Could the wim be the problems?




    The problem is solved, it was related to a bad BIOS version.

    1 last question : do you know how I can change my keyboard layout on the boot screen (user credentials). The layout is set to querty but we are using an azerty layout.

    The os is using a good version of keyboard layout.


    Ben De Vriese

    You have to add this line to your bootstrap.ini file:


    Don’t forget to update your WinPE images, and import them into WDS (if you’re using WDS for PXE boot).



    Thanks Ben,

    That solved my problem:).

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