Memory leak with Altiris Aclient running on Windows 2000

April 12, 2010 - Altiris

This morning a customer had 4 Win2000 servers with low memory problems. At first sight, task manager didn’t reveal any high memory-consuming processes. Aclient was consuming about 9000kb. Since these are production machines we can’t just reboot them whenever we feel like doing so.

We’ve upgraded the server to DS 6.9 SP3 two weeks ago. In the release notes (known issues), I’ve found an Altiris article that discusses our problem and the workaround was disabling the Agent autoupgrade feature and downgrading the Aclient Agent to 6.9 SP2 version on Win2000 servers. Luckily for me, Altiris posted a permanent solution this afternoon 😉

Article #51997