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Here are the most frequently questions about Joyor Electric Scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the prices of Joyor Electric Scooter include VAT?

All prices of electric scooters, accessories, and spare parts displayed in Joyor Online Shop on this website include VAT.

Can the VAT be waived if I buy Joyor Electric Scooter and I live outside of the EU or in a tax-free zone?

The retail prices for all models of Joyor Electric Scooter are the same within your area and always include VAT. VAT cannot be waived for individuals.

If you are purchasing Joyor Electric Scooter on behalf of a company registered outside of the EU or in a tax-free zone, please contact info@joyorscooter.com for more information and provide the company’s full name, address, and VAT registration number.

Can I have the prices of Joyor Electric Scooter in the USD?

Unfortunately, currently, Joyor Electric Scooter prices are only available in EUR.

What are the payment options in Joyor Electric Scooter Online Shop?

You can either choose PayPal, credit card or direct bank transfer to purchase your electric scooter. If you prefer a direct bank transfer, place an order and choose an offline payment method. Once your order is placed, we will contact you and provide you with the required payment information.

Can I pay for my Joyor Electric Scooter with a credit card?

Yes, payment with credit card is available for all products of Joyor Electric Scooter.

Can I pay for my Joyor Electric Scooter in parts?

No, at the moment Joyor Electric Scooter does not offer financing or split payments. However, some of Joyor Electric Scooter distributors offer this option. Please contact them directly for more information. You can check the list of our distributors in Spain here. If you live outside of Spain, please contact us to find a distributor in your city. Joyor Electric Scooter has a big network of distributors across Europe and other regions of the world.

Does Joyor Electric Scooter ship to Europe outside of Spain?

Joyor Electric Scooter offers free shipping for all orders above 150 EUR within Europe.

Does Joyor Electric Scooter ship to the US?

Currently, Joyor Electric Scooter does not offer shipping to the USA due to the fact, that we do not have any official distributor in this region that can provide you technical support.

How much time does the shipping of Joyor Electric Scooter take?

The shipping of Joyor Electric Scooter within Spain peninsular takes about 3-5 working days. The shipping of Joyor Electric Scooter to the Balearic Islands takes about 5-7 business days and within Europe takes about 7-10 working days.
We do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

How can I try Joyor Electric Scooter?

You can try Joyor Electric Scooter for free at one of the shops of our official distributors. You can check the list of our distributors in Spain here. If you live outside of Spain, please contact us to find a distributor in your city. Joyor Electric Scooter has a big network of distributors across Europe and other regions of the world.

Where can I buy Joyor Electric Scooter?

You can buy Joyor Electric Scooter in our online shop or at one of the shops of our official distributors. You can check the list of our distributors in Spain here. If you live outside of Spain, please contact us to find a distributor in your city. Joyor Electric Scooter has a big network of distributors across Europe and other regions of the world.

Where is Joyor Electric Scooter located?

Joyor Electric Scooter European office is located in Barcelona, Spain. Our factory is located in Zhejiang, China. 

What type of battery does Joyor Electric Scooter use?

All Joyor Electric Scooter models have a ternary ion lithium battery. Ternary polymer lithium batteries are known as batteries with high performance and low environmental impact.

How long is the Joyor Electric Scooter battery life?

The life-span of Joyor Electric Scooter battery is 1000 cycles on average. You can significantly extend your electric scooter battery’s life by just taking a proper care of it. Typically, it should perform well for more than 10 years under normal usage and maintenance.

Should I first fully discharge the battery of the electric scooter before charging it again?

No, you should not. Avoid totally depleting your electric scooter battery before charging it again. Always make sure it is a minimum 10% charged. If you charge your electric scooter battery regularly and do not leave it discharged for a long time, it will help you a lot to prolong its life.

How often should I charge the battery of my electric scooter?

Always make sure the battery of your Joyor electric scooter is minimum 10 % charged. It is recommendable to charge the battery of the electric scooter at 30-70% of the total capacity of the battery. Avoid totally depleting your electric scooter’s battery to a zero charge before charging. You can charge your electric scooter straight after a short ride. If you had a long ride, give it about 30 minutes to cool down and then charge it. Do not leave your electric scooter with a significantly discharged battery for a few hours. Charge it promptly. When you store your electric scooter for a long period, make sure the battery is at least 40-50 % charged. It is advisable to charge your electric scooter minimum once per 30 days. Leaving your electric scooter for about 3 months without charge will cause battery damage.

How do I know that the battery of my electric scooter is charged?

There is a light indicator on the charger of your electric scooter. When the battery is fully charged the light turns green (from red or yellow). You can also check the level of the battery charge on the battery charge indicator on the LCD display or check the real-time voltage of your electric scooter battery:

Battery      Lowest Voltage     Highest Voltage   

24V                  19V   29.2V    36V                   27V                     42V    48V                  37V                     54.6V

The real-time voltage of your battery is displayed in the multi-indicator area of the LCD display. You can find out how to access it here in the Joyor Electric Scooter User Manual.

Can I unplug Joyor Electric Scooter from charging if it is not fully charged yet?

After connecting the electric scooter with the charger, let the battery charge to the full charge - do not interrupt charging. Uninterrupted charge up to 100% capacity is required at least every third charging cycle.

What is the real maximum speed of Joyor Electric Scooter?

The maximum speed of Joyor Electric Scooter can vary depending on various factors: level of the battery charge, type of the terrain, wind, weight of the rider. The maximum speed of all Joyor Electric Scooter models exceptH1 and series A is 25km/h according to maximum speed recommended by most of the European regulations. The maximum speed of the electric scooter JoyorH1 is 15km/h. The maximum speed of the electric scooter Joyor A3&A5 is 25km/h. The performance of the electric scooter is at its maximum when the electric scooter is at least 25% charged.

Why do Joyor electric scooters with different motor power have the same maximum speed?

The power of the motor does not determine the maximum speed of the electric scooter, it determines its acceleration and ability to go uphill and handle riders with bigger weight.

What is the real distance range?

While comparing Joyor Electric Scooter models, please always take into consideration that all technical characteristics of all Joyor Electric Scooter models on our website are the results of measurements in a test environment with a 75kg rider, on a flat terrain, without wind and with the average speed of 20-25km/h, second gear. These are the factors that influence the electric scooter performance and mainly the distance range. Depending on your weight, type of the terrain and other conditions, you can more or less adjust your expectations in comparison to the test environment results.

What is the maximum weight Joyor Electric Scooter can handle?

All Joyor Electric Scooter models except H1 can handle a maximum weight of 120kg. Electric scooter Joyor H1 can handle a maximum weight of 75kg.

How well can Joyor Electric Scooter handle a hill?

For an average weighted person, Joyor Electric Scooter can take an uphill of 10-12 degree incline (~15% slope), which should be adequate for most streets/roads. For notorious uphills, riders can still kick scoot the electric scooter similarly to a standard kick scooter and propel themselves up the hill, it's still faster than walking or biking. The more powerful the motor is the better the electric scooter handles hills. The heavier the scooter or/and the rider are, the more difficult it is for the scooter to go uphill. The bigger the wheels are the smoother the ride is and the less you feel the imperfections of the road. If you are going to ride uphill regularly, we recommend you to choose only among light and medium light models with 500W motor:

• Joyor F5S+

• Joyor X5S

Why so? Because you need a powerful motor to ensure a good uphill ride without your electric scooter slowing down but you also need a light vehicle. Joyor Electric Scooters Y series are powerful electric scooters with a 500W motor but the vehicles themselves are heavy and it slows them down when going uphill. If you are a very light rider below 65kg, then you can also consider models with 350W-400W motor:

• Joyor F3

• Joyor F5+

• Joyor X1

If you are riding on bumpy roads a lot, then we recommend you to choose among big wheel models to ensure a smoother ride on a bumpy road:

• Joyor X series

• Joyor Y series

Can I use Joyor Electric Scooter in the rain?

Yes, you can ride Joyor in the rain with the general slippery road precautions. Do not ride or place the scooter anywhere with a water level higher than 5cm, in order to avoid potential damage of the battery and other parts. Joyor electric scooter models with big 10’’ wheels X and Y are more stable on the slippery roads than electric scooter models with smaller wheels H1, A and F series. You can check other Joyor electric scooter safety instructions in the Joyor User Manual.

Can I use Joyor Electric Scooter in the snow?

Joyor Electric scooter tyres are not designed for use in the snow. Please avoid riding in on the slippery roads. The minimum temperature Joyor can handle is -5C. You can check other Joyor electric scooter safety instructions in the Joyor User Manual.

How can I verify that my Joyor Electric Scooter is the right model with the technical characteristics I chose?

1) You can check the power of the motor and the voltage of the motor by looking at the serial number of the motor (rear wheel). Serial number xx48V500Wxxxxxxxxxxx means that this is a motor of 48V, 500W.

2) All electrical parts of the scooter have the same voltage: motor, battery, controller, display. You can check the voltage of the part by checking the technical characteristics information written on each part.

3) Each Joyor battery has a sticker on it with the information about the battery voltage and the battery capacity: 48V 13Ah

4) The voltage of the battery changes depending on the level of charge of the battery. You can check the real-time voltage on the display in the multi-indicator area (where you can see the mileage by default). Short press ON/OFF button to switch between different indicators of the multi-indicator area: from total mileage ODO to single mileage TRIP then to real-time voltage V.

Here is the info about the maximum and minimum battery voltage for different batteries:

24V: min 19V, max 29.2V

36V: min 27V, max 42V

48V: min 37V, max 54.6V

If you have any doubts about your Joyor and its technical characteristics and performance, please contact the distributor where you purchased your Joyor or official Joyor technical center at Selva de Mar 53, Barcelona.

Can I change the air tyres of my Joyor Electric Scooter to solid tyres?

Electric scooters with solid tyres have less risk of having a flat tyre, however, it also makes your ride less smooth and brings a lot of vibration. Joyor Electric Scooter X and Y series are designed to ensure a comfortable, stable and smooth ride. They are designed to have air tyres. Joyor Electric Scooter A  and F series are designed for those people, who are willing to trade off the comfort for less maintenance-related concerns, they have front air tyre but rear solid tyre. One of the tyres is air to make sure you still enjoy your ride. You can purchase the original inner tubes and tyres in our online shop. We do not recommend you to change the product design or to use tyres from a different provider. You cannot change the air tyres to solid tyres. To avoid getting a flat tyre, you need to follow certain electric scooter maintenance and usage rules.

How can I avoid having a flat tyre?

Contrary to popular belief, most electric scooter flat tyres are NOT penetration punctures caused by the stereotypical nail-in-the-tire or other sharp objects. Pinch punctures caused by poor riding habits and lack of tyre care are much more common. In order for a penetration puncture to happen, the rider will first have to find a sharp object to roll over. (It’s harder to find than you think.) Next, the rider will have to roll over the object in the exact manner for it to pierce into the tyre. Finally, the penetration must be deep enough to cut through BOTH the tyre and the inner tube. Unless your route is mined with caltrops, you will have to be really unlucky for this to happen. A pinch puncture, however, can happen simply if you don’t take good regular care of your scooter or don’t ride conscientiously. There are three important things you can do to avoid tyre punctures. To help you remember it, we have organized them with the acronym “AIR”, pun intended.

They stand for:

• Add a Sealant,

• Inspect Regularly for any physical damage and always have it well-inflated at the level written on the tyre,

• Ride Sensibly slowing down before any obstacle and avoiding big obstacles and water in general.

What is Joyor Electric Scooter Returns & Refunds Policy?

You can cancel your order and return Joyor Electric Scooter within 14 days after purchase in its original box if it has not been used. You can check more detailed information in Joyor Electric Scooter Terms & Conditions page.

Does Joyor Electric Scooter have a warranty?

Joyor Electric Scooter has a 2-year warranty and its battery has 12 months warranty. Warranty is applicable in cases when there is no physical damaged made to the electric scooter or its parts. You can find more detailed information in Joyor Electric Scooter Warranty Policy page. If you have any problems with the electric scooter, please contact our support team at info@joyorscooter.com

My Joyor Electric Scooter has a technical problem. What should I do?

Please contact the official Joyor electric scooter distributor where you purchased your Joyor. If you purchased it online in official Joyor online, contact our support team at info@joyorscooter.com.

What is the cost of a good electric scooter?

The price of a scooter depends mainly on the motor and the battery that it equips. However, the most important thing when buying a scooter is the use that each owner expects (access range, mid range or high range electric scooters) and their personal preferences.

The cheapest scooters of 350 W start around 350 or 400 euros with autonomy between 20 and 35 km and end around 550 or 600 euros for the best equipped and with autonomy that can reach up to 50 km. Scooters of 250 W are usually already too limited for an average user.

Mid range electric scooters can be between €650 and €900. They offer power between 400 and 500 W, which makes them very versatile for any use, type of driver and unevenness. Normally they already have batteries that provide autonomy between 40 and 55 km and their level of equipment in brakes and suspensions is at a higher level than the access ranges.

High range electric scooters are scooters that respond to specific uses, with prices that exceed €900. They have autonomies that can range from 70 to 100 km and engine powers of more than 500 W and even 1000 W per engine.

What is mandatory with electric scooters?

The Regulations on the circulation of electric scooters and VMP (personal mobility vehicles) in Spain outline some generic lines that can be seen complemented by the different local regulations that govern each country. According to the General Directorate of Traffic in Spain (DGT), the specific general regulations:

Areas of use of the electric scooter:

It is prohibited for the VMP to go on sidewalks, pedestrian areas, crossings, highways, interurban roads or tunnels in urban areas.
The routes authorized to circulate will be indicated by the country ordinance. If there were not, circulation would be allowed on any urban road.

Characteristics of electric scooters:

They must comply with the DGT Personal Mobility Vehicle Characteristics Manual.

The speed of these vehicles must be between 6 and 25 km/h.

Electric scooters cannot equip a seat or saddle.


The minimum age in Spain to ride an electric scooter is 16 years, The minimum age may vary in each country.

The circulation in a scooter only allows a single passenger per scooter. Circulating two or more people on a scooter is prohibited.

You cannot wear headphones, or use the mobile phone or any other device while driving.

The Traffic Law establishes the obligation for VMP drivers to wear a protective helmet, although it is working on this regulatory development jointly with the municipalities and the actors involved. It will depend on the municipal regulations of the town where it is circulated.

The same maximum alcohol rates allowed by the Road Safety Law apply, as well as the prohibition of driving with the presence of drugs in the body.

What is needed to be able to drive an electric scooter?

In Spain what is needed is:

- Be 16 years old or older

- Wear a helmet and the recommendation of suitable clothing

- Comply with the traffic regulations of the regulatory body and of the municipality where you circulate.

Check the regulations in your country.

What lifespan does an electric scooter have?

The lifespan of a scooter can vary depending on the brand, the range of the electric scooter (high, medium or low), the intensity of use (number of km travelled), the type of journey (long or short, degree of inclination of the road, type of pavement), the weight of the user, the treatment of the scooter and the loading cycles, periodic maintenance and preventive eye checks before riding. 

A mid-range scooter can perfectly last 2 or 3 years and if the revisions are carried out and the wear elements are replaced before producing critical errors, several more years and miles of km.

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